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Tidal mills

In front of the campsite, on the dike that separates the lake from the ria, there stands a tidal mill.

Between the ria and the lake, a typical mill...

A tidal mill is a water mill installed on the shore of a sea subject to the tidal phenomenon that exploits tidal energy. The first mills of this type were built in the early Middle Ages, probably in the London area. During rising tide, the sea fills a basin behind a reservoir through one-way valve doors. At ebb tide, when the difference between the basin and sea level is significant enough, gates are opened and the water from the basin flows into the sea by activating the mill wheel.

Today the tide mill located near the campsite no longer works but the lake remains. This mill is a private property that cannot be visited.

The tides influence the landscape of the campsite. Find here our article on tides at Camping le Lac à Carnac.


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