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Cancellation insurance

If you wish to book a holiday rental or pitch at Camping Le Lac and wish to be protected in the event of cancellation or interruption of your stay, you can now subscribe to the covered-camp assistance at the same time as your holiday booking on our reservation system.

What does the "Campez-Couvert" insurance company cover?

We refund the deposits or any sums kept by the campsite le lac, after deducting a deductible indicated in the table of guarantee amounts and invoiced in accordance with its General Terms and Conditions of Sale (excluding administrative costs, visa fees, insurance contribution and all taxes), when you are obliged to cancel your trip before departure (on the outward journey).

The guarantee provides for the reimbursement to the insured person of the sums actually paid by the latter, which cannot be reimbursed by the service provider according to these general conditions of sale up to the amounts provided for in the "Table of Guarantees", if the insured person is obliged to cancel his stay for one of the reasons listed below, to the exclusion of any other reason, making participation in the reserved stay impossible :

Serious illness, serious accident or death including relapse, aggravation of a chronic or pre-existing illness, as well as the consequences, sequelae of an accident occurring prior to the subscription of the contract of yourself, your spouse or common-law partner, your ascendants or descendants up to the 2nd degree, fathers-in-law, mothers-in-law, sisters, brothers, brothers-in-law, sisters-in-law, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law, your legal guardian or a person usually living under your roof, the person who accompanies you during your stay named and insured under this contract.

Death of your uncle, aunt, nephews or nieces.

Complications due to the pregnancy of one of the persons participating in the stay and insured under this contract.

Contra-indication and following vaccination of one of the persons participating in the stay and insured under this contract.

Economic dismissal or contractual termination of you or your common-law or de jure spouse insured by the same contract, provided that the procedure was not initiated before the contract was concluded.

Summons to appear before a court, only in the following cases: Juror or witness of Assizes, Appointment as an expert, Provided that you are summoned on a date coinciding with the travel period.

Convocation for the adoption of a child Provided that you are summoned on a date coinciding with the travel period.

Invitation to a remedial examination following an unknown failure at the time of booking or subscription of the contract (higher education only), provided that the said examination takes place during the trip.

Convocation for an organ transplant by you, your legal or common-law spouse or one of your ascendants or descendants in the first degree.

Serious damage caused by fire, explosion, water damage or by the forces of nature to your professional or private premises and imperatively involving your presence to take the necessary protective measures.

Robbery in professional or private premises provided that the importance of this flight requires your presence and that the flight occurs within 48 hours before departure. Serious damage to your vehicle within 48 hours of departure and insofar as it cannot be used to get to the place of stay.

Impediment to get to the place of stay by road, rail, air, sea, on the day of the beginning of the stay, roadblocks decreed by the State or a local authority, public transport strike preventing you from arriving within 24 hours of the initially planned start of your stay, floods or natural event, preventing traffic, certified by the competent authority, traffic accident during the journey necessary to reach your planned holiday location and whose damage causes the vehicle to be immobilised, justified by the expert's report.

Obtaining employment as an employee for a period of more than 6 months taking effect during the planned dates of the stay, while you were registered as unemployed and provided that it is not a case of contract extension or renewal, nor a mission provided by a temporary employment company.

Your separation (PACS or marriage), in the event of divorce or separation (PACS), provided that the procedure was brought before the courts after the trip was booked and upon presentation of an official document. Excess of 25% of the amount of the claim.

Theft of your identity card, driver's licence or passport within 5 working days before your departure, preventing you from meeting the formalities for passage by the competent authorities. Excess of 25% of the amount of the claim.

Removal or modification of the dates of your paid vacations or that of your common-law partner or spouse imposed by your employer and officially granted by the latter in writing before registration for the stay, this document from the employer will be required. This guarantee does not apply to entrepreneurs, liberal professions, craftsmen and intermittents of the entertainment industry. A 25% deductible remains at your expense.

Professional transfer imposed by your hierarchy and not requested by you, excluding business leaders, liberal professions, craftsmen and entertainment intermittents, excluding business leaders, liberal professions, craftsmen and entertainment intermittents. A 25% deductible remains at your expense.

Refusal of a visa by the authorities of the country provided that no application has previously been refused by these authorities for the same country. A proof from the embassy will be required

Natural disasters (within the meaning of Act No. 86-600 of 13 July 1986, as amended) occurring at the place of stay, leading to the prohibition of residence on the site (municipality, district, etc.) by local or prefectoral authorities during all or part of the period specified in the reservation contract, and occurring after the subscription to this contract.

Prohibition from entering the site (Commune, district...) within a radius of five kilometres around the place of residence, by the local or prefectoral authority, following sea pollution or epidemic.

Cancellation of one of the persons accompanying you (maximum 9 persons) registered at the same time as you and insured by this same contract, when the cancellation has as its origin one of the causes listed above. If the person wishes to travel alone, additional costs are taken into account, without our refund exceeding the amount due in the event of cancellation on the date of the event.

What it does not cover :

In addition to the exclusions listed under "WHICH ARE THE GENERAL EXCLUSIONS APPLICABLE TO THE SET OF OUR WARRANTIES", we cannot intervene if the cancellation results from:

  • Illness requiring psychological or psychotherapeutic treatment, including nervous depression, that did not require hospitalization for at least 3 days at the time of cancellation of the trip.
  • Forgetting vaccination.
  • Failure to present, for any reason whatsoever, the identity card or passport.
  • Sickness or accident that has been the subject of a first observation, relapse, aggravation or hospitalization between the date of purchase of the trip and the date of purchase of the insurance contract
  • Strikes and actions by the tour operator's and/or member's employees, and/or which began before the effective date of the contract or for which a notice, made public, had been filed before that date
  • The failure of any nature, including financial, of the tour operator or carrier making it impossible for them to fulfil their contractual obligations.
  • Moreover, we never intervene if the person who causes the cancellation is hospitalized at the time of booking the trip or subscribing to the contract.
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